Biofuel production and supply management

About us

Integra Fuels is a private company, established in 1987. 

Today, Integra is specialised in the production and supply of Bio Fuels and in particular Biomass for industrial, thermal and electrical power generation and has production and or supply operations across Europe and Africa. This enables the company to offer its clients a diverse biofuel fuel portfolio and unmatched supply security.

Integra's Headquarters are located in Madrid - Spain, and it is from here, that we coordinate our international network of regional offices, production teams and operational and quality control specialists.

We are a team of highly motivated, creative and experienced people, united by a common belief in the values of collaboration and responsibility, who share a profound understanding of the environmental responsibility, social impact and the need to provide realistic and sustainable industrial solutions to our clients.

We are uniquely equipped, through our philosophy of comprehensive vertical integration, including agriculture, forestry, quality control and logistics to provide our clients with the exceptional quality of service that they require.

Uniquely equipped to provide effective biofuel fuel supply solutions to meet the demands of today's dynamic renunable energy market.